8 comments on “5 Mount Shasta Area Trails We Need To Build

  1. Thanks, Bubba. I think these trails will be great adds. Can we set up a meeting with some of our board to talk about this?

    Ironically, just after you posted about the changes in the channels of the upper Sacs (May 15), and how the movable bridges were then high and dry, Tom Hesseldenz distributed a drawing for an elaborate fixed bridge in the area. I think he was not reacting to you, but liked his idea. Nonetheless, I worry about plans for fixed bridges in the area.

    Barry (Price) Pres. MSTA 938 2279

    • I appreciate your feedback on this Barry. I would love to meet and talk about some of these things.

      That is awesome that Tom has been thinking along these lines! I am very curious where he proposes a bridge should go. I have been down there and investigated a few spots I think I have a good one since the river’s channel and its flood plane are narrow. There is a lot of interesting stuff along the shore too.

  2. Bubba,

    I’m especially interested in the suggestion for an extended backpacking loop. As a dad with young backpackers this would be an appealing option for several rendezvous options if the trip had to be cut short. Please keep updating with possible work days, etc so we can lend a hand when possible. Thanks for hosting such a great site!


    • Hi Ryan. There is nothing along those lines planned any time soon. The Forest Service has not signed off on anything and funding is not in place or anything like that. You ought to follow the Mount Shasta Trails Association. They do amazing work and are responsible for most trail projects around Mount Shasta actually coming to fruition.

  3. Bubba,

    What about a trail all the way around Mt. Shasta like Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier have. I remember hearing proposals for it years ago but haven’t heard anything recently.

    • Hi Doug. There were indeed proposals and even a route around plotted out. However, nothing came of it for a variety of reasons. Three big ones, right off the bat, are pretty monumental (and I guess insurmountable) challenges. First, is that the trail would be built in a wilderness area. Building new trails in federal wilderness is generally thought of as a no-no. Second, the NEPA costs would be stratospheric. Lastly, laying a realistic route across Mud Creek Canyon would be a formidable trail engineering challenge.
      Circumnavigating the mountain would definitely be a memorable trip, but it is perhaps best left for those in pursuit of a grand adventure. Let the mountain be wild.

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