9 comments on “Railroading For A Mossbrae Trail Part I

  1. Dang, sure wished I’d known about this adventure, I would have been there! And, yes, I’d love to have access to these beautiful falls once again.

  2. Double dang! I,too would have paid money to participate. I love train rides and the opportunity to work at getting a safe trail to Mossbrae Falls would have been a triple bonus.

  3. Bubba:

    Wonderful story and photos. Are you aware that members of the Mt. Shasta Trail Association have been working very hard for about 5 years trying to accomplish the creation of an alternative trail to Mossbrae Falls? They have tried many things, met with representatives of The Saint Germain Foundation many times, offered to purchase segments of land, etc. All efforts have been stymied by the guy who manages real estate for St. Germain. If you want all the details, I can connect you with someone who has hundreds of hours into this project already. Sincerely,

    John Harch

    • Hi John. I would definitely like to get up to speed on what has been invested into the project at this point. I am eager to use whatever meager sway I or Hikemtshasta might have to help bring this to a successful conclusion. We still need to go check out the Whitney Falls Trail too!

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  5. i don’t want a trail to mossbrae unless it’s as difficult and inconvenient as the current one, lol – last thing i want is to head to one of my favorite local spots and have it inundanted with a bunch of pasty tourists trashing the place. sorry.

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