2 comments on “2015 Winter Hiking Round Up

  1. That photo is a beauty! Love seeing the snow on the mountain, finally. What a great idea to choose a trail in the rain shadow. I can’t believe I never thought of that for extending the season to hike without snow. I just hiked into snow on Mt. Hood and loved every second of it (it’s early in the Winter yet, ha ha), but there are times when it would be good to know there will be no snow, or less snow.

    • Being a high desert buff, I love having the rainshadow so close. I wish there were more trails in the Shasta Valley to explore but what there is on this site is pretty much all there is available. The Nature Conservancy has a fantastic property along the Shasta River with great views of the mountain and some really neat riparian canyons but it is not open to the public. I wish they would share it with people.
      You are lucky to be so close to eastern Oregon. There are some spectacular desert hikes out there.

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