15 comments on “Plans For Hike Mt. Shasta Over The Summer (Changes Afoot?)

  1. Congrats on the book deal, Bubba! Sounds like it’ll be a great summer. Just out of curiosity – do you expect you’ll go the Warners at all? If that’s in the cards, please let me know – I’ve got a project gestating for which it would be really nice to have something from the Warners. Ditto the Sweetwaters. I had also been contemplating trying to get to Waterwheel Falls and a trip up Convict Canyon this summer, and I’m open to other possibilities. So if any of that aligns with your plans and you wouldn’t mind some company…..

    • Thanks Jackson! To answer your question, yes to the Warners and Convict Canyon. I am planning on putting the hike in to Glen Aulin in the book, but not all the way to Waterwheel. I am trying to keep the book to dayhikes, with only a few longer trips thrown in. For what it is worth, the hike to Waterwheel is my second all-time favorite! The Sweetwaters may make the cut. Lobdell Lake to Mount Patterson is great, but I am considering jettisoning everything east of 395 in order to include other areas. Still under consideration though…

  2. Bubba,

    Great picture, what is the location please?

    Congrats on book number 3! Here is one to check out.

    One of my favorites is Picayune Valley in the Granite Chief Wilderness Area, 47 miles out Mosquito Ridge Road, NE from Foresthill, near Auburn. It is the headwaters of the American River and a box canyon with a 60′ waterfall. I did bird studies for Cornell in there for many years. Late July – early August was great for shoulder high wild flowers.


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  3. Congratulations on the new project. I will be looking forward to the new book as we have plans to head down to that area several times in the coming years.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful summer to me. The area around the Five Lakes Basin off I:80/Grouse Ridge is lovely and may not be on your agenda. One of my plans for this summer is to hike the 250 miles between Sonora Pass and Whitney. I’ve been over it many times and always love it. Now, if my 73 year old body will just cooperate. 🙂 –Curt

  5. Congratulations on the 3rd book!! It would be fun to hear about your adventures, you know, the parts that may not be in the book. Maybe do it through instagram? It would be like teasers for the new book 🙂 Excited for you! So glad you took on this challenge and are sacrificing so much for us 😉

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