3 comments on “Three Mountains And A River

  1. Really like this series – reminds you that everything we focus on and like to assume is static, is NEVER “the same”, and that the world is changing constantly, without much regard for whether or not we care!
    I nominated you for the “Mystery Blogger Award” – sort of a digital chain letter, I know, and not everybody enjoys that sort of thing, so no pressure to keep it going. Point is – I enjoy what you’re doing, and think it’s worthwhile to share, so hopefully it will result in others discovering what I already know about you!
    If you choose to play along, the “rules” are on my post here:

    • I really appreciate your feedback and the nomination for the award. If it is OK, I am not going to follow through on it, since I tend to keep to my own little island. I am grateful that you felt that I deserved a nomination though. Also, I’m sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Things have been moving fast for the last month or so!

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