17 comments on “A Lament For Sonoma And A Beautiful Sunset

  1. We were stunned by how FAST these fires spread! Horrible news about your parent’s house (and your boyhood home). But very happy your parents made it to safety in time. Dealing the loss and grief will take time…
    We have friends in St. Helens we’re still waiting to hear from. But then their power is likely out, so we remain hopeful.

  2. I’m so sorry your childhood home is gone. I can’t imagine. I didn’t realize how bad it was up north until this morning, I truely am sorry. I’m glad you were able to find some peace and solitude in the midst of it all.

  3. So sorry for your loss and that of your parents. The Applegate Valley fires came within a mile of our home this summer and we evacuated. But we were the lucky ones. We will watch the sun set on the Red Buttes many, many more times. –Curt

  4. Bub, thank you for the beautiful photos. I heard from my Mom yesterday that your parents were ok. It’s difficult to know the neighborhood so filled with memories is gone, but most important is that everyone got out ok…

    • Thanks Dana. It is a little shocking to think it is all gone. I am sad to say that your old house was aflame when my parents left theirs. My dad went over to make sure they were all out before he drove away and it was already pretty far gone…

  5. So sorry, Bubba. We love Sonoma county, and have used your book to find hikes down there. I hope your parents find Siskyou county to be a place of refuge and I’m sure they will love being closer to you and your family. We here in Mendocino County have a devestating fire also, and know friends who have lost long time homes. So sad.

    • Thanks Karen. I appreciate it. My folks will land on their feet here in Siskiyou County quite well. They actually own the house across the street from mine and come up fairly regularly. Compared to everyone else in their neighborhood, they are very, very fortunate, since they still have a home to go to.

      I know you guys have had an ordeal up there too, probably made all the worse by resources being diverted to Sonoma County. You guys must feel like you are going it alone.

      It’s been rough. That said, nature heals and it is part of the better side of human nature to rebuild. I just hope everyone stays safe!

    • Man, I really appreciate your dropping a line and saying that. It’s been a rough few days but over all, we are pretty blessed.

      For what it is worth, as far as I know, you are the first member of the horde to ever visit my little corner of the internet! Thanks!

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