9 comments on “Autumn In Mount Shasta (Aspens!)

    • Man, I feel for you. In my four years in Texas, I came to believe that you’ve got April and October for good weather and after that it is either very hot and humid or a total crapshoot. Of course, that is just regarding weather and not so much with regards to fall color anything like that. You’ve always got Daingerfield and Lost Maples, but those are just overrun with looky-loos when the color turns. The Chisos and Davis Mountains have some nice spots too, but those are more of a trip. There is always the Wichitas, where the oaks turn red. Not the greatest fall color but still nice and in a gorgeous setting. In fact, fall and winter are my favorite times to hit that area. I once went to the Wichitas right after a big January rain and the creeks were full, the waterfalls large and all the oaks were still red. It was awesome!

  1. Timely post, Bubba! We are headed up there for four nights. A couple of hikes, some fishing perhaps, and a trip to Ashland. McCloud river too.

  2. Another great post! Maybe I will be there for the aspens in person one year. And that billowy lenticular display is amazing – what a gift to behold, and to have a camera to use to share the experience. ❤

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