11 comments on “5 Years Of Hike Mt Shasta

  1. “… at times, I am concerned with what kind of impact making too many people aware of certain areas can have.” This agonizing about “instagraming” a favorite trail/hike into overuse is a much debated topic on Oregon Hikers (and likely elsewhere too). While I know this happens (think many hikes within 2 hours of a major urban area or some iconic (must selfie!) spot like the GOT), I also know that 90% or so of the trails in this area are under-utilized to the point of being forgotten (South Fork of the Rogue, China Mountain?). So I’d say keep your trails so folks will know they exist and will, hopefully, use them. You could prune the ones you think are too popular (Mount Eddy?) or are otherwise widely known, but keep the rest. Oh, and I did buy a copy of your Hiking Mount Shasta…

    • You are right about trails falling into disrepair from disuse. You would be surprised how many comments I get complaining I have ruined their favorite trail by telling other people about etc. It’s impossible to please everyone and they aren’t doing the work to keep those trails in better shape. Conversely, I have seen other trails in other areas overrun and I truly don’t want that to happen here. I think you are right, about the chances of that happening in this region, at this point in time, are minimal. That is why I still have posted. The day I see something getting out of hand, I will probably starting deleting pages.

  2. Congratulations! I have enjoyed following you and will continue! It is good to be able to find some of the lesser known trails. The hubs and I enjoy spending time in nature away from the crowds. One day, we are going to make it up to this majestic mountain with your book in hand!! 🙂

  3. Keep on keepin on. I have never been to your neck of the woods, but always enjoy reading about it and seeing the beautiful pictures. I promise I will one day get to the Wichitas as well!

    • I really hope you make it up there. I know I would not have made it through 4 years of Dallas without the Wichitas. They aren’t vast, but they really are very, very beautiful and surprisingly wild. The other place that really sustained me was out in the Caprock. Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyons are the two best Texas state parks, in my opinion. The latter has a fantastic loop trail while the former has so much awesome off trail exploration potential, it is easy to feel like you are in southern Utah, both from the landscape and the isolation. Those places helped me out so much, I want everyone else to enjoy them as much as I did, so please pardon my always nerding out about them!

  4. You already know my approving thoughts on your branching out! As far as the publicity issue goes, I feel it bears consideration and vigilance against times when one ought to keep quiet. I especially think one ought to be careful not to hype current conditions. But you post thoughtful words, lots on natural and human history, and subtle non-iconic images, all of which adds up to setting an example of educated, contemplative enjoyment of a place. The hiking portion of the internet needs more of that approach.

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