6 comments on “An Aerial View Of Mount Shasta Through The Smoke (And A Few Other Places Too)

  1. Hey! Glad you enjoyed my backyard! I probably won’t get up to California until next fall when my buddy is getting married at Yosemite. Going to climb Half Dome with the cables down. Should be wild.

    • It was great to get back there. It is hard for me to believe I hadn’t been there since 2012! When I was in school in Dallas, my friend and I would head down there all the time. That and the Wichita Mountains got me through living in Dallas (which I did not enjoy at all). I am really hoping to take my wife out there in the nearish future. She has never been to Texas and she would love seeing some shows and all that kind of stuff!

      Have fun climbing Half Dome! That is an epic climb, just be sure to get an early start if you aren’t camping in Little Yosemite. Your friend is lucky to be getting married in Yosemite too!

  2. Your mystery shot is very cool! I’m thinking you’re over northern Yosemite looking at the Sawtooths and the West Walker headwaters, with Bridgeport center right under the smoke.

  3. I’m with you there. I used to complain about the lack of dramatic scenery in Texas (which isn’t strictly speaking true, if you go out to the trans-Pecos region in particular) but I’ve since come to really appreciate the more subtle beauty of the Piney Woods, of the Davis Mountains, of the Hill Country, etc.

    I guess it’s a case of familiarity breeding contempt turning into nostalgia, at least to some degree. I used to go to Scout camp every year in the Hill Country at El Rancho Cima, but my real love was the Rockies and the more dramatic deserts of places like Utah and Arizona.

    That’s still true, but since I haven’t lived in Texas anymore for many years, I’m finding that I loved that more under-stated type of scenery much more than I thought when I don’t have access to it anymore.

    I wonder if I’ll feel the same about the woods of Michigan someday after I leave?

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