4 comments on “Mount Shasta Puts On Another Amazing Show – Plus A Snow Update

    • For sure. I think anyone doing the PCT this year is going to have to skip some sections, especially in the High Sierra. People need to bone up on creek crossings and such too. There were a few fatalities from Sierra creek crossings in 2017, the last heavy year. I would look at that year as a model, though this year may not have quite that amount of snow. It was a complete SNAFU. Hikers were in a bolus until they hit the Sierra then some tried to push through, some headed north and did less snowy areas. Some went north and then hiked south, planning to return and continue north again. Some went north and then continued north. People picked the trail back up in Tahoe, Hat Creek, Mount Shasta, Ashland etc. It was a complete madhouse.

      • Yeah, the couple I followed that year flipped up north. I know the snow is great for you guys, but I’m pushing for more of an average year next year for my thru hike. 😉

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