3 comments on “Big Changes Could Be Coming To The Trails On Mount Eddy and the Scott Mountains

  1. Interesting, Bubba! I love the maps! We hiked “Mt Eddy the hard way” from the east accessed from Hammond Ranch last July. I think I can trace on your map where we might have hiked-the dotted line from the end of the road straight up the hill, passed the wet meadow area, and past Little Eddy Crater Lake. It was indeed a hard 11 mile hike (we summited Eddy and then took the trail back down the other side.) We were led by a group of locals, and there was precious little trail, mostly cross country. Lots of boulder hopping along the lake. A trail would have been less harrowing for sure! Thanks for the post, and keep us posted on developments.

    • That is fantastic you got to climb up to Eddy Crater. Not many people go up there. Access is so frustrating from Hammond Ranch. It is always a problem that I wish could be fixed.

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