6 comments on “Yosemite Week: The Waterfalls Of Hetch Hetchy (And The Curious Case Of Rancheria Falls)

  1. This looks like a spectacular place to hike/visit.
    Do you think it is an appropriate trip for seniors (ie not too strenuous)? Are there places to camp…is this a backpacking area or a day hike from a nearby camp?
    My experience backpacking in Yosemite was many years ago and mostly out of Tuolumne meadows…Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne and Cathedral lakes.
    Would love to return and see these waterfalls!

    • Depending on fitness level, I think it would be fine. It is about 4.5 miles round trip to the Wapama Falls bridges and it is mostly level, with just a few ups and downs. I would definitely go in late May or June, to get the best effect. With regards to camping, the closest is Camp Mather, but that may be tough to get a spot at. Evergreen Lodge is nearby as well. The Forest Service has a campground (Dimond O) on the way to Hetch Hetchy, after you leave 120. Hodgdon Meadow, right inside Yosemite after the entrance gate is also a good option.

      You are fortunate to have packed the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. That is one of the best!

      • Thanks for your response!
        Yes, Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne is so beautiful! Great places to camp…one I called “Two Brave Fish camp” and is next to Le Conte falls. Probably my favorite. Water wheel falls is great fun too, to sit on a carved out rock and let the water tumble over you…bliss!

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