4 comments on “Another Light Rain Around Mount Shasta.

    • Thank you! We are just getting into the good season for lenticulars, so I hope more are on the way! Oddly enough, there were more than normal this summer though, though I am uncertain exactly what that means. Perhaps it is hints at the potential for La Nina. I have a feeling it is going to be a wet winter. It has rained thrice in September and that is fairly unusual. The forecast says more precip is on the way too. I just hope it is rainy and cold, so we can build up a deep snowpack this winter.

    • Mount Shasta is definitely in the Cascades, though it lies west of the main crest of the range. I live on the pass that separates the Sacramento and Klamath River watersheds. These lie to the north and south. The pass itself, running east-west, connects the Cascades with the Klamath Mountains, a portion of the Sierra Nevada that was broken off the north end of the range and shunted to the northwest. It’s actually a pretty complex area, geologically, with a lot of different stuff occurring in a pretty compact area.

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