4 comments on “Mount Shasta, Before And After The Rain

  1. Great photos! So nice to see clear skies again. I was wondering what you knew about the Truchas Ridge Nature Reserve? How do you get to that ridge and Pecos Point? I would love to see that sometime. Thanks,


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    • Hi Josh. I appreciate your good word on my images! Regarding Truchas Ridge, it is a property that my wife and I own. We are working on developing a network of trails and a few other amenities for campers and such. We do hope to make it available to hikers and photographers in limited numbers in the near future. Prior to that, I am open to hiking with folks to some of the vistas for sunrise/sunset and other such things. I’ll be posting more on the preserve in the near future. If you are interested in that, let me know!

  2. “May the Lord make it so!” Indeed. We drove by Shasta couple of times last week on our way to and from Sacramento. Never a view. So glad to see it again. And the snow! No snow here yet but the clear skies and smoke-free air are worth a great deal. Fine photos as always. Thanks. –Curt

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