7 comments on “Independence Day Snow On Mount Shasta

  1. Been wondering where you were, and glad to see you back! So happy to hear that Northern California is getting rain! Could you send some over here to West Texas? We’ve had less than 5 inches this year, and we’re about to burn up – literally. Your photos are amazing, as always.

    • I appreciate the wondering! Life has been…more diverse the last six or seven months so something has to give. Wow, 5 inches! That’s horrible. I bet Lake Meridith isn’t looking too good right now. Shasta Lake out here is pretty low too! I hope you guys are able to head out to cooler climes!

      • Yes, our lakes are low, as are most in the western half of the US. We’ve in the midst of a cold front right now. I think our high is only 100 today! Hope things are better there.

  2. Glad to see the late season snow! Fingers crossed that it’s a low fire year, relative to recent years of course. FYI, I’m going for the PCT again in 2023. Hope to see you in Mt Shasta around mid-summer!

    • Thus far, it has been a low fire year. We have the oak going down by Mariposa but thus far, that and the Washburn have been it. Definitely praying it stays that way.

      That’s awesome you are taking another crack at the PCT! I’ll help out any way I can. Keep me posted on how things develop!

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