8 comments on “Mount Shasta: Fire and Ice

  1. Ah, Mother Nature and her mood swings! We are so glad you got rain for lots of reasons, but mostly to slow the wildfire. I (Kellye) find it intriguing that Mount Shasta got snow in August during a heat wave.

  2. Smoke can make for very pretty photos. We just returned home from a four-night evacuation due to the Oak Fire that came close (one mile) to our home. Sadly, 127 residences were destroyed, a huge blow to our small community. Like your area, we’ve had some unusual rain here. Let’s pray for more!

  3. Thunderstorms, snow, fire and smoke, with sun shining through to beautify — that’s a lot of excitement, whether scary or just thrillingly natural and surprising. Thank you for sharing it.

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