14 comments on “A Horrible Beginning To September In Mount Shasta

  1. Ugh. Yeah, the fires really bloomed in the last few days. I cancelled my Labor Day weekend plans due to the smoke up here. Labor Day has become a spooky time, it’s two years since Malden, WA burned, and again this year I feel a bit like I should stick around home in case we have to grab our cats and go. Felt like we were getting off easy up here this August, but that’s all changed in a hurry.

    • How are the fires doing up your way? It looks like Hells Canyon is getting hit pretty hard. There’s a bad one around Waldo Lake in the Oregon Cascades too. Did you end up going anywhere around Labor Day or too smoky everywhere? Haven’t talked in a while, hope you are well!

      • The Hells Canyon one got big real fast. There are some in the Wallowas too that hevn’t gone crazy but are definitely continuing to grow. LOTS of small-to-medium ones in Idaho. I bailed on Labor Day plans, just didn’t feel like dealing with the smoke and uncertainty. Doing okay generally, though it’s been a rough year with lots of aging parent drama. Loving the Palouse and Inland Northwest, though!

  2. Yes, the first week of September looks like it has plenty of challenges for us. I was checking the weather report … unbelievable that our fire fighters have to be geared and fighting in the heat that is building. Well…forward we go…one day at a time. Watch and work and stay hopeful.

  3. Hoping things have calmed down a bit since this post, though my FireFinder app says both fires are still being contained. Stay safe.

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  5. Oh no! I didn’t hear about these fires. I’m hoping they’re under control or out by now. We dealt with fires here too this summer. We were evacuated from home for four nights, 127 homes lost, but luckily, no lives. Prayers for safety for all concerned.

  6. We’ll….We All Believe Here, In Northern California. That We Have People That Have Financial Gain From These Fires. The Mill Fire Was Not On Purpose. But The Mountain Fire Wasn’t. Any Vendor Is Now Seen As An Arsonist.

  7. Oh! You Must Be Demoquacks…. Can’t Stand The Truth. You Live In A Disney World Dream. We’ve Seen Fire After Fire…And They Never Know What Started It. Money Is. The Root Of All Evil. Vendors. Fire Fighters. And Yes Many Are Started By Arsonist. Money Hungry. Become An ARSONIST!!!

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