7 comments on “Rime Ice Around The Mountain

  1. All your photos are wonderful but the rime ice photos are outstanding. Thank you for your column and photos.

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  2. Amazing. How long do you think the deep snow will stick around? I’m watching the snowpack closely, as I have an early start date on the PCT. A little terrified (selfishly) if this trend continues throughout the winter.

    • That is hard to say. We already have a decent snowpack but it all fell in the fall. We are just entering winter and January and February and even March can yield huge storms. Not only that but at lower elevations the snow is melting off fast as it has warmed up a bit. I had 2.5 feet but with settling and melting, we are down to a foot and going fast. It is supposed to rain 2 inches on Monday and that may be enough to finish the snow off. That rain with the snow we have is flash flood conditions. Of course, that rain is also going to fall as more snow at higher elevations, which does not help you. All that to say, it is too early to tell what you are looking at for the summer. What happens here won’t effect you too much. The real question is what is going on down in Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Those are the passes and creek crossings that will give you the most trouble. When is your start date?

  3. Yeah I’ve been watching Sequoia. Right now I’m starting march 8, but trying to get a later date in the second permit round in January. I’m not above flipping up to Norcal or Oregon if need be, but of course it’s more fun to go straight through.

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