5 comments on “From One Storm To Another In Mount Shasta

  1. It’s really been a remarkable pattern for how widespread it is. This is definitely the earliest start to full-on winter we’ve seen since we came to eastern Washington. And the early snow is healthy through most of both the Pacific Crest and the Continental Divide – Mt. Whitney to Mt. Baker and San Juans to Selkirks. New Mexico and Arizona could use some love, as usual, but for the rest of the West it’s been great.

    • It really has been an strange autumn. This is the first time I have never even had a chance to rake up and dispose of all the leaves in my backyard. 75% of the leaves were still on the trees when the snow first hit and as they came down, more snow covered them up. At this point, I am not going to get to them until April! That said, I really am grateful for all the precipitation and more is coming. Now, if we can keep it going through March, that will be a solid and pretty noteworthy winter.

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