5 comments on “It Begins: An Easter Lenticular Heralds The Coming Of Spring

  1. Beautiful. Loved all of it. and the ‘flying saucer— spectacular! We flew down on Monday from Seattle to Sacramento and flew over Mt. Shasta showing off its beautiful lenticular cloud. Out came my camera. I meant to do a post on it last night but forgot. I’m heading over to my blog right now to put it up! Thanks for your photos and the inspiration.

    • This is very cool Curt. I rarely see these from above and I often wonder what they look like from up there. Thanks for putting these up! Sorry for the sad cause for trip though.

      • My apologies for taking this long to get back to you Bubba. We were in Sacramento for close to three weeks for the memorial and to help the family.
        And thanks. It was both fun and fascinating to see what was happening on the ground during the same time frame on your blog. –Curt

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