4 comments on “Railroading For A Mossbrae Trail Part II

  1. Thank you, Bubba, for a comprehensive and truthful review of the details surrounding the efforts to create a trail to Mossbrae Falls. It may take a lot of public pressure on the St. Germain Foundation to get them to agree to a reasonable sale of the land.

  2. It is so good to see how much careful thought is going into the plans and hopes for this trail. I see what you mean about losing a few of the excellent sights in exchange for accessibility. It seems like a lot of people want to make this happen, and I’m glad the railroad is supportive. I also love that people want to make the trail accessible for people of different physical abilities. The photos you posted support your claim that this would be one of the best trails in Northern California if it can get built. Good luck!

  3. Having dealt with The St. Germaine Foundation in business before, I know how intensely private they are, especially at this location. But they are also very patriotic, and are very supportive of the surrounding communities. Assuring the Foundation that their privacy won’t be continually violated will be the biggest hurdle for the Friends/city in purchasing the property from them. Perhaps if additional security measures were added to the proposal, they would be willing.

    I also agree with Crystal about having the trail paved all the way for all abilities. I have 2 family members that are “disabled”, but they don’t let it stop them and would be wanting us to take them to the trail as soon as it opened. There are so few trails that they can go on, and for such a short trail in a city park, it would make an ideal accessible trail.

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