5 comments on “Postcard View Of The Castle Crags?

  1. Nice find! I might narrow down the date range, though. The trademark “Mirro-Krome” was registered in 1952, and Interstate 5 was not generally signed until about 1964. I would guess that the relocation of the railroad was done after the flood of late 1955. If that is correct, the photo would have been taken between 1952 and 1955. And I found this similar postcard:

    • Awesome! Thanks Jeff! I appreciate the time line info and the link to the other postcard. It is surprising how close in time the two most have been. All the same trees are there. Do you know if Riverside Road was once a part of old Highway 99? It seems odd that the postcard I posted would mention the highway in conjunction with that spot. It also seems odd that another postcard would feature that vista unless it was a spot familiar to people. Either way, it is amazing that a spot once highlighted has fallen into total anonymity. Do you know if there are good resources or old maps available that document the old highway routes or the history of the interstate construction?

      • Check out this link to download a 1954 topo map of the area:
        I’m not sure about the railroad being realigned after the ’55 flood, that was just conjecture. But you may be able to compare the 1954 map with a more recent map to get a better idea. Do you have coordinates for the viewpoint? I’m still not sure where it is.

  2. I got unfinished business at Castle Crags and we didn’t made it all the way up because the weather turned and a thick cloud cover followed by rain kept the magic hidden three quarters of the way up. Always something to look forward to next time 😉

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