4 comments on “Delta Fire – The Situation As Of Thursday Morning (Sept. 13)

  1. Hi Bubba,

    I just wanted to thank you for the detailed, thoughtful and deeply personal updates you have been posting. We live in Mt. Shasta part time (although our hearts are there full time!) and it is hard to piece together information from so many news and government sources to get a sense of what is really going on. We regularly rely on your blog and book for hiking advice and area history/geography when all is well and are even more grateful for your work during this time of crisis. In appreciation, Wendy Whitson

  2. Please would you add me to your mailing list. I cannot get out much these days and I am very interested in all the happenings of our area. Thank you for such detailed information, which was shared with me by a friend.

  3. Every local area should have their own thoughtful and thorough wildfire correspondent to tell us the things we want to know! But I doubt there is one other person anywhere who is so appropriately knowledgeable and willing to sort it all out. Thank you, Bubba!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your coverage of the fires this summer – I’ve been busy enough that my reading has had to be in fits and spurts, but it’s been very educational for me to watch the development of these monsters as dynamic hour-by-hour phenomena, through the eyes of somebody up close.
    Glad you’ve been able to stay safe, and appreciate you sharing your perspectives!

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