8 comments on “Triumph Of The Forest Service Wilderness Aesthetic

  1. That’s a tough choice but I think I’m leaning toward the Ansel Adams as my favorite. I think one of the most disappointing things that can happen for me on a hike is not seeing a wilderness sign at the boundary.

    • I completely agree. It annoys the heck out of me when I make the trip out there and the sign is missing. I have been skunked by the Russian Wilderness more times than I can count. Do you have any favorites up in Oregon? I reckon there ought to be some good ones on Hood but the only one I have seen is on the trail to McNeil Point and that was still well back in the woods.

      • It seems like most of them up here are still in the woods. They look fine but lack any real dramatic scenery. Our favorite in Oregon (so far) is a Three Sisters Wilderness sign on the east side of Broken Top which is in full view across meadows. Runner up would be the North Fork John Day Wilderness sign at Dutch Flat Saddle along the Elkhorn Crest. It has views and the tree it’s on is an big old silver snag.

  2. I think you picked the best ones for your favorites 🙂 So… which of the four is my very favoritest? I am hard-pressed to choose between the Mt. Shasta Wilderness and Inyo…. but I choose Inyo! The setting of each sign looks WILD, and I love the Eastern Sierra.

    Thank you for a fascinating lesson in a very small — but I agree, not unimportant — aspect of the wilderness hiking experience.

    • Though I am, for obvious reasons, partial to Mount Shasta, I have to agree with you. However, to some degree I think you have to have been there to really appreciate the immensity of the scene. The scale of those cliffs and the intricate geology does not really come across in my images (though yours do a much, much better job).

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