5 comments on “…And Now The Camp Fire

  1. Hi bubba. U can hike the dog trail from bunny flat to the old ski bowl on a nice trail. It’s about 2 miles and offers good views to the south. Follow the pink ribbons from the back of bunnyflat up to the old ski bowl.

    • It is a good trail, especially in the spring when the waterfalls in the Old Ski Bowl are flowing. It’s just not a good option for a quick trip up to check conditions.

  2. I left Mount Shasta this morning and the smoke has traveled all the way to San Jose.

    Wildland fires have changed since I started as a firefighter in 1999. You are absolutely right about the clearance that you need around the house. I was clearing around ours this summer and you can keep it aesthetically pleasing yet fire “safe”. I say “safe” because nothing is “safe” anymore. The extreme conditions were unimaginable 20 years ago. I remember my captains in 2003 saying that conditions had changed since the 90’s and 15 years later we are seeing a new set of norms. Both in the times of year that things are burning and in the intensity. At least by removing debris on the ground, crowding trees, and ladder fuels, you can minimize the threat.

  3. I was hoping they would put the power lines underground after the Tubbs fire since everything was already damaged and in need of new poles and lines but they didn’t. 😦 We have had a couple of spot fires around Santa Rosa near our place (both human caused, not utilities) since the Camp fire started. It has us all on edge. I feel bad for anyone going through this right now and am doing my own little rain dance!

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