3 comments on “The February Storm Finally Passes

  1. Thank you for publishing this blog, and all the great photos!!! We made a trip to Mt Shasta Ski Park on Thursday morning. They were open, suprisingly, and the road had been plowed. I experienced the glop you were referring to. It was not too bad until noon, when the sun softened up the ice crust formed after the rain. The crew there bid a great job clearing the hill for operation. 1 chair open till 11:30, but all who made it had some good runs. All the trees were covered in mega dump, and higher up, rime ice. I predict another avalanche coming…I enjoy your blog, and your 📚! Thank you! Peter

  2. Aye, this storm has raced across the continent to settle down here in this nook of the Rocky Mountains that is the Gunnison Country. The snow has softened and become rotten at the lower elevations, especially where the overnight temperatures dip not below freezing. Mud season will soon be upon us, something that fills me with mixed emotions to say the least. For the time being, I’d rather have lower temperatures that preserve the integrity of the snow! Anyhow, your words describe my situation perfectly. Overcast, slushy, a certain pervasive low level gloom…. Well, if it gets cold again, I’ll get out an ski but the desert beckons!

    • You are fortunate to have so much spectacular desert do close. I imagine the Black Canyon is pretty accessible now but all the red rocks can’t be too far away. I am envious. Moab is my “other place”. While I am grateful for our small patch of desert up here on the north side of Mount Shasta, I long for the red sandstone every day. Have fun!

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