16 comments on “Big Storm Dumps Several Feet Of Snow In Mount Shasta

  1. Epic! We’re digging out down here as well, though it’s nothing like five feet.

    Re. weather blogging, I’d say this sort of thing is reasonably on point, since these winter conditions will definitely affect summer hiking plans in the area. Personally, I’m expecting to be hanging out in the Great Basin through at least the end of June this year.

    • How much snow did you guys end up getting? I am glad to hear you will be in the Basin. I think you should make a coffee table book of some kind with all your images. Have you considered hitting the Deep Creek Mountains in Utah?

      • We got a solid 18″, and it’s stayed cold since, so things are still very white. I’d love to get to the Deep Creeks. They’re far enough from here to make it tricky to do on a whim, but one of these days….

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  3. Hello there! I am a contributor for Active Norcal, an outdoors magazine for the north state, and was wondering if you would mind if I included one of your photos (with proper credit, naturally), and potentially quote a small part of this piece? Thank you very much!

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  5. Would love to climb Shasta someday! Did the smaller Lassen Volcano with my son in 2007. Fantastic part of the country!

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