3 comments on “Yosemite Week: The Most Spectacular Trail

    • I hope you get a chance to hike this one sometime! I have hiked this one a lot and usually, by Yosemite Valley standards, there aren’t to many people on most of the hike. Glacier Point is obviously busy but once you are on the trail, you will largely be on your own, with intermittent hikers along the way. Illilouette Creek tends to collect folks, since it is a good place to stop for lunch and slide on the waterslides but it is never choked with people. It gets fairly lonesome again until you reach Nevada Falls, then it is a zoo again. However, I firmly believe that crowds are not a detraction from hikes like this. The scenery is too grand to be lessened by more people enjoying it.

  1. Thank you, Bubba, for Yosemite Week. Your photos and commentary were excellent, and they allowed me vicarious enjoyment of a beautiful place which I may not be able to visit again in my lifetime. I really do appreciate all you do to keep our natural wonders and beauties in the consciousness of your readers.

    Dorinda Thompson

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