7 comments on “Shasta Spans: 5 Interesting Footbridges

  1. A good bridge is a beautiful thing, even in a wild setting. One of the many things I love about the Frank Church and Selway-Bitterroot wildernesses in Idaho is the abundance of neat, big suspension bridges up there. There’s one I’ve even slept on a few times. Some of them were real labors of love, built by dedicated oddball Forest Service men or wilderness loners with little outside assistance.

    • That does sound awesome Jackson. I am envious. I have always wanted to go a ways into that area but my exposure has just been limited, and only on the Bitteroot side in Montana. How high over the river was the bridge you slept on?

      • Probably 20 feet or so. Those undammed Idaho rivers can go so big in a wet spring, they have to be high for all the logs to pass under.

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