7 comments on “Mount Shasta Storm Follow-Up

  1. Snow totals east of the Sierra have been a little disappointing (it just won’t get cold!), but the Sierra are certainly looking great, better than I’ve seen since we moved here. At least, the lower slopes look great; the peaks have been covered by clouds for days now. So nice finally to see some real winter!

  2. gorgeous! Wondered what the area looked like with snow. My friend lives in McCloud and he told me about his white Christmas.

    On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 5:49 PM, Hike Mt. Shasta wrote:

    > bubbasuess posted: ” Mount Shasta reigns in icy solitude (11Jan2017). > California has seen a massive series of storms come rolling through over > the past 10 days or so. Much of the northern part of the state has been > inundated with rain and snow. Here in Mount Shasta, we hav” >

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