8 comments on “Thoughts On Winter In Mount Shasta

  1. The last ten days have been awesome down here in the Eastern Sierra! My only gripe is that despite all the moisture, it just would not get cold here this year. Even as high as 6,500 feet, most of last week’s precip fell as rain, with just a couple dustings of snow. It’s a lot chillier now, though, so I’m optimistic that we’ll see more valley snow out of this week’s systems. Meanwhile, the Sierra and Whites are looking great up high, at last!

    • It is shaping up to be. The passes in the High Sierra are probably going to be snowy until July or later this year. That always makes it fun, especially Forester Pass, seeing as how it is over 13,150. Last year was the perfect year to make the trip. Solid snowpack, lots of water but not so deep that everything was a mess going over the high passes.

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